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The most appropriate wedding gift

One of my flings is getting married soon (the tall one). It’s a small wedding and so we are not invited, but I was thinking I’d still like to give him a wedding present. But what to give? A set of knives? Six champagne flutes? A voucher? No, I want to give him something unique, something different, not usually found on your typical wedding list. And then it hit me. A fuck.

I was chatting with him online, (our usual cybersex chat) and decided to bring up the topic of wedding presents. He’s been incredibly keen to meet up for a long time. Living in different countries has made that a little tricky and so it has been over a year since we last saw each other in person. He got engaged shortly after we last fucked. And so I was curious to see what his views on the topic of marriage and infidelity were (given he had no qualms sleeping with me). Turns out he has a refreshingly open mind about the subject.

So, when I suggested a night in a hotel together either before or after their wedding, he jumped at it. Ok, so it isn’t really a present his new wife gets to enjoy, but I then I don’t really know her. Any present I would give him would be one more suited to his tastes anyway. In perhaps a slightly perverse way I would rather ‘give’ him his wedding present after they get married. Just to see if he is all talk, or whether in fact, he would quite happily break his vows within weeks of making them.

So here’s a question for you, how long did you remain faithful after taking your vows? I know my answer. Not sure I’m quite ready to share that one yet….



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