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The roll call

OK, so let me give you a list of the lovers, flings and flirts so far. I like to give them pseudonyms to help describe them. This is not necessarily in chronological order, that will become clear in later posts. Some are still ‘active’ relationships, others just wonderful memories. I will detail each one in separate posts. Post Script: As I write, I realise that I cannot remember them all. I will continue to update this list as and when I remember them 🙂


  • The first one – it started with a flirtatious IM chat. He was married and based in the Paris office, we had cybersex over a number of months and then we met in person…
  • The original lover – we met at work. We fucked on our first night. Then we did it again and again. It was an incredibly hot summer. He would cook for me and I think I fell in love with him. Then his wife gave birth and his time ran out.
  • The gardener – we met in a bar. He was a gardener (single) and had an incredible body. We had a summer of fucking. Even his leg in a cast did not stop us from trying every position in the book.
  • The older lover – he is married with three children. We met at work. Sex with him is the most sensual and fulfilling experience I have had. I crave him, his scent, his touch.
  • The Italian – we met on an Easyjet flight. He is married. We talked all the way, exchanged numbers. Our IMs became sexually explicit, we met in person and the affair started. We have had two secret trips to Scotland together. Despite his intellect, he does not satisfy on the sexual front.
  • The economist – we met in a crazy drunken haze, he is single and delicious. Our affair is very secret, we hide it from mutual friends. He is my muse.


  • The horny American – we met in an evening class. He was single and made me laugh. We would go for drinks after the class, one thing led to another and he came back to mine. Sex with him was so carnal, I loved it.
  • Eton boy – I find him fascinating, a mystery. He keeps himself to himself. Physically so opposite. There was the one night stand and now he dates my friend. But he continues to fascinate.
  • The French-American duo – my first threesome. What more can I say?
  • The German lawyer – we met in a bar. We went on a date. We fucked. Still work in progress.
  • The tall one – we met at work. We had a few nights of kissing, fondling. Then he came to visit me abroad. We had a one night stand. He couldn’t get it up, so he fucked me with a dildo instead. He’s getting married, but still carries a flame for me.
  • The guilty Catholic – a funny guy, made me laugh. Outrageous flirt and one night we did it. The sex was quite aggressive, not great and then he was overcome with his Catholic guilt.


  • The lecherous boss – he was my boss. We went to Paris on business, he came onto me. We had a few dinners, kisses, then he fingered me in the office, late one night. He had stalker qualities and I moved on. He hasn’t given up yet.
  • The Irish pixie – we met in a bar, some kissing and petting was involved. I know he wants to fuck me, but he is too risky.
  • The strange South African – we met at an exhibition. There was a connection, a sparkle, a kiss. Then he came to visit me abroad and it changed. He was strange and ever so slightly scary.
  • The female friend – it was my own fault. One too many whiskeys and I said I liked her. There was a kiss and much ‘serious’ talk. She fell in love and I did my best to avoid another kiss.
  • The cute barman – he works in a bar and is a PhD student. We met and flirted. Now we talk on FB – he tells me things about himself, I listen. He’s a male slut, so will remain a flirt. If anything were to happen between us, the challenge would be gone.


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Let’s start at the beginning

Let me give you a bit of background about me. I am a woman in my mid-thirties. I have been in the same relationship for 15 years, married to him for just over 2. He is the love of my life. I ache with love for him and he is one of the sweetest, kindest men I have ever met.

My infidelities started around the same time as our relationship, though in the early years they were minor infidelities. A kiss and a grope with my boss at Paddington station, crushes and flirtatious games with colleagues, many leading to more kissing and groping in dark corners of London. It was all very innocent. There was one fuck in those early years – on Brighton beach in full evening dress and heels. I remember the cold, hard pebbles, the frantic nature of what was to become my first ‘real’ betrayal and, incidentally, my first one night stand.

Then I turned 30 and a succession of events (both good and bad) triggered something in me. A switch had been flipped. My sexual appetite became ravenous and a simple IM chat with a colleague in Paris was the start of my first affair. That was five years ago. Since then I have had a number of lasting affairs, often simultaneously, many flings and one night stands. I know I am searching for something. Perhaps this blog will help me figure out what it is.


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