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London lover odyssey part 1 – Feeling alive

The sun shines gloriously above London this morning and promises a summer’s day, requiring a summer dress and sandals. I feel uplifted looking out at the blue skies, second cup of coffee giving me the edge I need to tackle day two of my London lover odyssey.

We arrived at the same time, I heard his scooter before I saw him. His eyes smiling through his helmet as we met. We found a secluded table in the pub, I did my usual check of the other guests, making sure there were no familiar faces in the crowd. He ordered the white wine. We raised our glasses, our eyes locking and smiles of anticipation playing on our lips.
To sit so close to the person I have spent so many hours fantasizing about, masturbating to and desiring since January, yet to show restraint, merely a brushing of hands an inhalation of his scent is the art of foreplay. We chatted, laughed and shared our lives of the past months, drinking wine and eating dinner. As the pub closed, we paid (he bought dinner) and walked slowly back to my small apartment.
Climbing the stairs quietly together I unlocked the front door and let him in. We stood there kissing furiously for a long time, our first actual physical indulgence of the night. I could feel that little part of my brain letting go and succumbing to the wave of desire washing over me. That is the flash when I am in the moment, my brain is focused on my senses, nothing else. That is when I begin to feel alive again.

He sat down on the sofa and I kneeled astride him, kissing his hair, forehead, eyes, cheeks and losing myself in his mouth. His hands explored the curves through my dress, he buried his nose in my cleavage and inhaled deeply. I could feel his hardness through his trousers. We moved to the bedroom. I undressed him, savouring each button and kissing my way down his chest to his jeans. He stood as I sat on the bed, unbuttoning his jeans and revealing his hard cock. His beautiful, hard cock. I took him in my mouth tasting and licking him, slowly, tracing the vein that runs underneath and then opened my mouth to draw him in.

I took off my dress and he pulled off my knickers, leaving just my silk slip. He lay down on the bed and I knelt above him. His hands stroked my back, my waist and hips, finding my wetness between my legs, playing with it, gliding his fingers inside and out.
I thrust his cock into me, needing to feel him again, the fullness.

But he had other ideas and pushed me to the bed, positioning his head above my cunt. The agony and ecstasy of knowing what is to come is intoxicating. He parted my lips with his and began teasing, flicking and licking my clit. As I became more aroused I dug my nails into his arm, signalling he was doing the right thing. He flattened his tongue and moved it directly over my clit, again and again with just the right amount of pressure to build the tension in my body. My head was hanging off the edge of the bed and I could feel the blood rushing to my brain. His tongue slide down my cunt to the rim of my vulva. He took a deep breath, never once removing his Tongue and started weaving his way up my cunt. Slowly, left to right and back again, moving closer and closer to my clit. This has to be the most incredible physical sensation I’ve had. I could feel the orgasm start and let the waves roll over me. He did not stop and continued to glide his tongue over my most sensitive spot, sending my body into convulsions as another climax gripped me. After I came three times in quick succession he turned me over onto my stomach, pulling my hips towards him and thrust his cock inside me from behind. I could still feel the contractions from my multiple orgasms and let him penetrate me deeply. His breathing quickened and as he began to climax, he withdrew rubbing his dick between my ass cheeks. I reached back and grabbed his cock, using my fingers to help him come.Hot jets spurted over my back and he collapsed on the bed next to me, breathing violently.

That was the start of our first night together. We fucked for a long time. I love the dull ache of my legs and groin this morning. It reminds me what it is to feel alive.


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Feeling alive

I’ve been awake for two hours. It was a restful sleep, a warm, all enveloping sleep until I was dragged back into a state of consciousness. Now I sit in an empty kitchen, sipping black coffee with a few hours to myself. The husband lies asleep next door. Dawn is outside. All is quiet. My mind wanders.

Perhaps because I was looking at flights back to London last night, or IM’ing the cute barman and planning our first fuck, or perhaps because it has just been too damn long since I had a fuck (with or without the husband). I’m not sure. Whatever the reason, my mind was searching in my sleep. Searching for him. For that deliciously warm feeling of his naked skin on mine, his tongue on my neck, my breasts cupped and kissed, feeling his smooth hot hardness inside me. Fuck, I need a fuck.

I want to abandon myself to the blackness, the red fleshy sea. I want to feel alive, living just in that moment, to hell with everything else. I long, crave, desire. Him. Why is it always him? My older lover. My nights are filled with his scent, taste and touch. I could drink from him and never be satiated. Fuck, I need a fuck.


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