Looking, but no touching

Pavlov and his dogs might a have a thing or two to say about this.

Moriarty and I have a creative project we are working on together over the coming months. Without going into too much detail, it involves him in front of the camera and me behind. We had our first session yesterday afternoon. As it was the first shoot, I wasn’t entirely sure what to expect. I had some general ideas of how it could work, but wanted to see how he felt and respond to his mood. He had no qualms stripping naked and standing before me. It is always an interesting dynamic between model and artist. Trust, respect and a conscious effort not to let your mind wander all come into play.

It occurred to me that he is the first man I have photographed naked. That may have explained the slight flush in my cheeks. It is also rare that you have the opportunity to just look at someone else’s body. I loved finding the shadows and shapes of his torso, tracing the lines of his thighs, calf muscles and shoulders. Naturally, my eyes lingered on his cock. And this is where I think Pavlov might be right:

After years of only seeing the male member in the bedroom (or at least as part of a sexual scenario), my immediate reaction/desire was to touch. At some instinctual level, I had the desire to kneel before him and take his cock in my mouth. It was a strange, unnerving desire. I am guessing this is the bedroom equivalent to Pavlov and his dogs.

Of course I did not touch his cock, I merely observed and documented. But, it has certainly got me salivating.



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2 responses to “Looking, but no touching

  1. Now I’m salivating too…

  2. Having spent yesterday evening with him, fondling his leg, admiring his crotch, I am more than salivating. I may just get myself into trouble in this state.

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