The dominant submissive

Moriarty and I had our first video chat last night. We discussed various ideas for collaborative creative and social projects. I was rather taken with him lying, naked in bed, chatting freely about his experiences. I could only see his face and bare right shoulder. He could have been wearing pyjama bottoms for all I knew, but I like to think not. Really rather erotic.

Anyway…. that is not the purpose of this post. We chatted late into the night and he has persuaded me to try a little experiment. In his view, I would make a good domme. Apparently, I appeal to the inner boy in men and can use this to manipulate them or dominate them. This isn’t too far from the truth, as professionally speaking, I rather enjoy telling people what to do. Moriarty has suggested I place an ad, as a domme on a BDSM site just to see how many responses I get, i.e. just how easy it would be to set myself up as a domme with the potential of earning money doing it.

And so before going to bed, I created a profile on a site he recommended. This morning I turned on a personal ad on the site and already I have received a number of responses from incredibly polite sounding men. (I am assuming their emails are submissive-polite).

Now, what I am wondering is: am I in fact the submissive here and Moriarty the master telling me what to do? He has told me many times, BDSM is not his thing at all and no one can tell him what to do. He has also suggested to me that I might enjoy trying to play a more submissive role. So who is playing what role here? My sleep was filled with strange dreams of Moriarty, my brain unwilling to let go of these thoughts.

Regardless, I am curious and open to experimenting. Let’s see what happens.


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