Without words

Given I woke up in a terribly horny state this morning and I haven’t been able to shake it, I will succumb to it instead. I’ve spent the day fantasizing about my teacher. He is Russian and speaks no English. He’s tall, silver hair and has beautiful long fingers. He talks to me through an interpreter, but when he talks to me we maintain eye contact. Sometimes I think eyes can say so much more.

I wonder whether he could read the hunger in my eyes, sense my desire to kiss him, the urge explore his body. We smiled at one another frequently during the course of the afternoon, our hands touching as he passed me a pencil and notebook. I wonder what it would be like to seduce him, neither of us being able to communicate verbally. We would have to rely on touch, taste and eye contact alone. It would be a silence not experienced before. No talking, just touching. All other senses would be heightened, there would need to be a level of intimacy that can so often be masked by small talk.

And so I suppose in my mind I have already set myself the challenge to seduce him. Let’s see if he can read me as well as he can teach me.


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  1. Oooo… I look forward to hearing about that! 🙂

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