New year, new lovers

Thanks to a recent message on Twitter from @ladylikepervert I feel inspired to write today. It has been months since my last post and so I am a little rusty. I apologise.

Re-reading some of my posts from the last nine months in bed this morning, reminded me of how alive I can feel in this double life I lead. It also made me realise how withdrawn I have become. So let me recap, briefly, on events of recent months:

After the masseur experience back in early October, I returned home from my travels with the husband, got a job, didn’t go out, didn’t drink and focused entirely on work. On a trip back to London in early November, I met up with the tall one and the female friend for, what turned out to be a very drunken evening. It ended in a shared taxi ride home with the female friend, a long chat about her feelings for me and us parting company (and friendship) at about 3am. The strange thing was the relief I felt when we parted. More about that later.

I returned home to the husband, suddenly liking his familiarity, his warmth, his embrace. And in the dense fog of my hangover the next day I decided that we should try to have a baby together. It struck me quite out of the blue. And so, a week or so later, we tried. Twice. And a week or so later, I got my period.

That too was a relief. And, knowing I was not pregnant, I went out on the town with two male friends visiting the city. It was one of those crazy nights, when one bar leads onto another, when you meet some of the strangest people and have surreal conversations. We ended up in a club, already empty due to the lateness of the hour. I suppose it was the drink, but I found a dark stairway with one of them and we kissed frantically, fondling one another. I had my back against the wall and sunk down to waist height, unzipped his jeans and took his cock in my mouth. It was a swift and perfectly executed blow job. He came within seconds. We returned, individually, to our mutual friend and I returned home shortly afterwards to a sleeping husband.

The blow job was ten days ago and I have seen him twice since. Once when he was still here and then again a few days ago at his club in London. I think he might be my new lover. A new lover for the new year.



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2 responses to “New year, new lovers

  1. *clapping frantically*

    I’m so glad that you are ‘back’! I spent HOURS last night, as well as a few glasses of wine, reading every single post that you have written. Every. Single. Word.

    And I am in love.

    There is a piece of me that feels oddly conflicted about why I adore you so much, but essentially, I LOVE your forthcomingness. I love how you commit to the reader to give us every tiny detail.

    And WOW, what sex!

    Don’t stop!!!!

  2. Thanks so much for your feedback. I spent hours writing again today and feel so much better for doing it! Re-reading some of the old posts made me miss ‘that’ part of my life. So, I think you can expect more regular posts from now on!

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