Surreal weekend

I’ve just spent the weekend with the gardener and his former girlfriend (the one I set him up with all those years ago, but now married to someone else)…

We stayed in a remote house in the Tuscan countryside, eating outside, watching the sun set over the hills and talking late into the night, drinking too much and snatching kisses and touches when she went indoors, or we were alone in the kitchen. It was not going to be possible to sleep together, the walls were too thin. Waking up hung over on Sunday, we spent the day lounging around,the three of us lying on the sofa together, snoozing and watching crap TV. She went to her bedroom to lie down, leaving us lying next to one another. He gently traced my curves with his fingers, from neck to thighs. Again, something thawed inside.

We drove back to the city in the evening and said goodbye. I could see he wanted to spend the night with me, my last evening before the husband joins me again. But she hijacked my evening, inviting herself for dinner. I wondered as we talked about marriage and relationships, how much she had picked up on the looks and touches of the previous night. I also wondered whether she too had been kissed and touched when I wasn’t looking. Two married women, a gardener and unsaid secrets. A most surreal weekend.


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