Dreams on high seas

My night on the boat was plagued by dreams and interrupted sleep. Perhaps it was the lumpy pillow, the air conditioning, the sound of fellow passengers returning to their cabin after one too many pints. Or perhaps it was the seed, planted in my sub-conscious of a new adventure.

Imagine ‘meeting’ someone on Twitter. Imagine talking to them, DM naturally and noticing a growing curiosity. Who is he? What does he look like? Is he tall, medium or short? What would it be like to touch him, be touched by him?
And so in my dreams last night I met him. I snuck away from husband and family for a few hours and travelled south to meet him. We don’t know each other’s real names, but I recognised him in the bar immediately. Little was said, we swiftly downed our drinks, mine a whiskey. Lagavulin I think it was. And then we got up, I followed him. I knew where he was taking me and showed no resistance.

Images of the opening scenes of ‘Intimacy’ played in my mind. Sex with a stranger, no names, just two naked bodies entwined, in search of that moment. That moment when you truly feel alive, when there is no past and no future, just this. Right now.

The seed has been planted, my mind will do the rest.


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