Hot baths and the ultimate relief

A hot bath, with candlelight, a glass of wine and some gentle music is the perfect way to unwind after, what seems like days of pent up sexual frustration. Last night I indulged in just that. A cybersex chat with the cute barman had got me so turned on that there was only one thing left to do…

A hot bath, with candlelight, a glass of wine and a lover is even better.

One night, not too long ago, as the evenings turned cold and the leaves changed to a golden hue, my older lover stopped by for dinner. At the time, I was staying in a fancy house in London. I was looking after a friend’s place and had the five floored town house to myself. I had prepared a sensual selection of foods, bought some chilled white wine, showered and put on my black Boss shirt dress, stockings and heels. The doorbell rang and I opened the door to a frozen older lover, holding his scooter helmet.

I love that first kiss, when he comes in from the cold, his cheeks chilled and the scent of the autumn night in his hair. The grey pallor of his face gave away his tiredness. He has such a busy life, the job, the family, me. He took off his jacket and placed it with his helmet on the hallway floor. We stood there for a moment, just kissing and stroking each other’s hair. He admitted that he was exhausted and asked if he could have a shower to freshen up. I poured him a glass of wine and suggested he have a hot bath instead. We walked up the three flights of stairs to the master bathroom. I turned on the taps and ran him a steamy, lavender scented bath. Sitting on a stool with my glass of wine I watched him undress.

I like the sense of power you have when the other person is naked before you and you remain fully dressed. Just watching, enjoying the rising anticipation of what is to follow. He stepped into the steaming bath and I handed him his wine. We chatted for a few minutes and then I couldn’t resist it any longer.

“Fuck it, I’m joining you” I said as I stripped in front of him.

The bath was enormous, designed with two people in mind. He moved to one end as I stepped into the hot water and sat down, legs bent and knees slightly apart. We sipped our wine as we talked and he told me about his day. All the while, my mind was imagining his head between my legs. I could feel my cunt getting moist.

He placed his glass down and slowly moved towards me on his hands and knees. I could feel his torso and legs brush against my shins as he came closer. The water lapped at my breasts. He took my glass, put it aside, then cupped one breast in his hand, kissing and circling my nipple with his tongue. I ran my fingers through his hair and down his back, pulling him closer. I could feel his erect cock against my leg. Every brush of his body against mine only served to heighten my sense of anticipation and desire.

His hand traced a line from my mouth, down my neck to my breast and then beneath the water towards my sex. Under water you feel every touch ten times more. It is as if your nerve endings are raw and exposed. As his fingers reached my cunt, all I wanted was for him to penetrate me. He moved his fingers delicately over my clitoris, discovering the smoother wetness below. Water is a ‘thin’ wet. A wet cunt in water feels velvety smooth in comparison. He slid his finger inside me, first one, then two. I yielded, arching my body towards his. My womb suddenly feeling like the center of the world. I closed my eyes and leant my head back, slipping down further into the water.  He moved so gently, yet with the pressure I needed to feel the wave of my first orgasm rising.

Just before it consumed me, he moved his hand away and thrust his hard cock inside me. The sheer joy of feeling him, deep inside me, thrusting ever further, ever closer, is a sensation so hard to describe. We were floating, swimming together. The room, London, it all faded away and it was just us joined in a union so sensual and with such a natural rhythm. My sex enveloping his, our bodies touching above and below the water, waves subsuming us as we moved together. We made love for an eternity, climaxing together, our bodily fluids mingling with the bubbles.

After the bath we shared the food and wine I had prepared, talking until his curfew approached. Before he left I led him once more to the top of the house and we made love for a second time before he dressed and walked to his scooter in the cold night air.


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