Indulge me – memories of my older lover

Since I have time to write today, I think I will write a little about my older lover. In the absence of a real orgasm (I blame the Germans), I will describe some of the most intense, sensual sexual experiences I have had instead. The act of writing seems to turn me on, so here goes…

I met him at work. The first time I saw him there was something that attracted me, perhaps the silver hair on his fit looking body, perhaps his intent way of listening and engaging in conversation. I wasn’t expecting anything to happen, yet through work we came into contact in a number of meetings and shared a few glasses of wine and chats at work do’s. We clicked. Simple as that. It was my leaving do when I took him back to my place. I was leaving the country and so it seemed an opportune moment to seduce him. He was nervous and talked as I tried to give him a blow job. Being married with three children he doesn’t have the luxury of staying out too late. He was so nervous. It was sweet.

A few days after that first encounter I moved to a different country. I set up our private blog as a way to keep in contact without risking too much and over the coming months we wrote to one another regularly. Recounting our experiences, memories of the moments we had shared together. He writes me poetry. Beautiful, carnal poetry. I love that about him.

Then, in December I returned to London. We arranged to meet. I was staying in lecherous boss‘ apartment. Naturally, he wasn’t there, so I had the place to myself. Older lover arrived at the basement flat in the late afternoon. I had prepared blinis with smoked salmon, king prawns and the white wine was chilling in the fridge. We sat, rather awkwardly at first, on the sofa in the living room. There is always that moment when you first see someone again and you feel obliged to have a conversation, make small-talk, when actually all you want to do is jump them.

We kissed and touched. He smelled so good. Almost edible. I could still sense his nerves, his apprehension. We moved to the bedroom, taking the wine glasses with us and slowly undressed each other. Having the time and space to explore and look at one another is such a luxury, especially when both are married. As the afternoon turned to evening we lay there on the bed indulging in one another’s bodies. He was so focused on me, on satisfying my needs. I discovered later this was partly due to his nerves and worry about not being able to ‘perform’. I lay back on the bed with my knees bent and opened my legs. He worked his tongue down from my mouth, circling my breasts and easing his body to a position so that his head hovered just above my cunt. I arched my back longingly, urging him to touch me. He kissed gently around my sex, caressing my stomach and thighs with his mouth. I closed my eyes and focused on that dark red sea.

He moved his head down and I could feel his breath on my clit. Then he buried his head in my cunt, inhaling deeply and pressed the flat of his tongue to the base of my sex, that part between vulva and anus. Slowly, ever so slowly he started to lick from side to side, like a snake, all the while moving up my cunt and breathing in deeply. As he reached my clit at the top I felt as if I would melt away. He repeated this same slow, snaking movement again and again, applying sufficient pressure to keep all my nerve endings tingling throughout. Then he would change his motion, flicking and licking, teasing me into submission. It felt like an eternity that he kept me hanging on like this. I could feel the heat in my cheeks, my chest, my sex. When he started his slow, side to side motion again, I could feel myself beginning to climax before he had even reached my clit. When his tongue reached the top and moved over that most sensitive spot again and again I came so hard that my thighs and body began to shake.

I think that moment was possibly the best orgasm I have ever had. It took nearly a year before older lover finally plucked up the courage to have penetrative sex. In that time, I have grown addicted to his oral abilities. It is one of the most sensual pleasures I can imagine.



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5 responses to “Indulge me – memories of my older lover

  1. Nice writing! Turned me on.

    Sierra Michaels
    author of Intimate Encounters

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